LIVE SYSTEMA puts a mask on house.
This is the world without doctors. Don’t let it become yours.

LIVE SYSTEMA in collaboration with charitable foundation Sozidanie has created an art performance campaign supporting healthcare workers.
The action took place in Yubileiny, a small town located in Perm region. It was founded in 1957 around a coal mine and had a population of 60,000. However, in 2000 the mine closed and city was abandoned
by the residents.
Yubileiny has become a ghost town. Despite a tiny number of residents who still live there, there are
no social services, shops, shopping centers,
or hospitals.

According to LIVE SYSTEMA team, this is an ideal illustration of the future of any city that is left without medics.
During the second wave of the pandemic workload of medical workers has significantly increased. Doctors and nurses are still
at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus, and creators want to attract public attention to their struggles.

The purpose of the action, which could be compared to the partisan social works of street artists like Banksy, is to emphasize that civic activism is now more important than ever. The existing problem concerns everyone in our country and each of us can help.
LIVE SYSTEMA in collaboration with Sozidanie foundation is launching a crowdfunding campaign to purchase personal protective equipment for healthcare workers
in Russian regions.
LIVE SYSTEMA has placed the image where no one could see it. So that as many people as possible could see it.

Creators expect despite no one will see their message in Yubileiny, it will thunder throughout
the country. After all, the more attention is drawn
to the struggles of medics, the better.
Every day we put on masks in the streets of our cities, helping ourselves and those around us.

Therefore, LIVE SYSTEMA team puts a mask
on an abandoned house, which, perhaps, will help the most important heroes of the pandemic period — medical workers.
“LIVE SYSTEMA platform is remarkable for creative, musical and art collaborations and that is why we decided actionism as a form of expression would resonate with the mission of our platform — to make people's lives better, uniting them through art at a distance”.
— Ivan Sidenko, co-founder and creative partner of LIVE SYSTEMA.
“During the second wave of COVID-19, which turned out to be even stronger than the first, we want to remind everyone that doctors still perform a feat every day in the fight against the epidemic. We hope that our project will help draw attention to this, and along with Sozidanie foundation, we will be able to raise funds for doctors”.
— Andrey Trubetskoy, co-founder and general producer of LIVE SYSTEMA.
“Personal protective equipment for physicians working with COVID-19 is essential for them on a daily basis.
It is in our power to help. It is wonderful that art workers emphasize this need for everyone”
— Sozidanie foundation.
Anyone wishing to support the campaign can do it on the project’s website. Choose "Assistance to the institutions" as a purpose of payment and write "Masks for heroes"
in the footnote.
Благотворительный проект #МаскиДляГероев
Charitable project #MaskForHeroes
Foundation's work is aimed at the specific goals and always has a specific address. It allows to concentrate financial resources to solve the particular problems as well as control how they are used. All collected funds, up to a penny, go exclusively to help the wards of the foundation, and all the operational expenses are covered by the founder and the board of trustees
LIVE SYSTEMA platform, which unites creators
and musicians, was launched on April 24th — during
the lockdown period. Main activity of the platform
is production of musical and visual content, as well
as social projects aimed at supporting charity.
SOZIDANIE charitable foundation was established on April 3rd in 2001 and operates in the field of charitable and social support for socially vulnerable categories of Russian citizens.
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